WTB: Open car trailer

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WTB: Open car trailer

Post by BLUEMOON »

Looking to purchase a trailer for hauling my C4 Corvette.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: WTB: Open car trailer

Post by JRogers »

I looked around for awhile and decided on one from Trailer Sales of Michigan, got a good deal on a display that was sitting on the lot for 2 years:


Their deluxe package has pretty robust wiring unlike pretty much everything else I've dealt with or looked at.... 5 years and no issues. I did replace the equalizer bars / shackles / bolts after 3 years although that's a fairly common issue with the leaf spring trailers, and it did accumulate a lot of miles during that time. The biggest issue for you might be getting in / out of the car. The fenders are fixed (and quite sturdy) so not very low & long 2 door friendly, you might want to look for one that has a removable fender.
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Re: WTB: Open car trailer

Post by F125AXer »

I suggest an aluminum one like this....

https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/tro/ ... 61913.html
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