(Sold) 1991 Mazda Miata $1,450 - Make me a RallyCrosser!

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(Sold) 1991 Mazda Miata $1,450 - Make me a RallyCrosser!

Post by Camaro67racer » Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:46 pm

1991 Mazda Miata
99k Miles
I bought this car from the original owner with the plan to RallyCross it, but plans have changed and we are prepping a different car that fits our current needs better. I was told it had sat for the last year and needed an alternator. It had a bad battery, but started with a jump right away. I replaced the battery with a new one and tested the alternator, it is not producing a good charge and the alternator needs to be replaced.
The valve cover gasket and the CAS (cam angle sensor) were both leaking oil. I replaced the seals on them. Checked the spark plugs at that time and they are like new (NGK Iridium). I did replace one plug that has slightly rounded sides to it so it wouldn't be an issue coming out at a later time. The plug wires have been replaced (NGK I believe) and look newer.
When I had the valve cover gasket off, I inspected the timing belt. It looked to be in good shape (I should still have some pics). I do not know if it has been replaced, same for the water pump, but I didn't see any evidence of a leak when looking down the inside of the timing cover with a flash light.
I cleared out the (side) top drains.
The car has power windows, A/C (does not blow cold), and I confirmed with Mazda that it has a Limited-Slip Diff (LSD)!!
Things I know and/or later learned after bringing the car home...
Lower mileage, fires right up, does not have rusty rocker panels!
Has great spark plugs and wires.
I bought a set of General Altimax Arctic snow tires that will come with the car. Two are in great shape, would put on the rear. The other two are more worn, but still great for the front tires.
Aftermarket Panasonic CD player.
It's a cheap Miata!
It needs a new top, has holes. It is ready for a hardtop, all the pricey side latches and Frankenstein bolts are there.
Needs an alternator
Needs brake rotors all around, they are super rusty from sitting. Probably best to replace the pads at the same time.
The left rear coil spring is broken. Before rallying it, I'd replace the shocks and springs anyway.
The tires on it are cracked from sitting flat and do not all hold air for more than a day or so.
The driver's seat did not move when I got it. Noticed the seat rails were very rusty (probably from the top leaking or drains plugged). Trying to get it to move, the rail broke. Then, when trying to remove the seat bracket bolts, the left front mount moved with the bolt. I have not peeled the carpet back to investigate, but it will need some welding. From what I can tell, the floor seems solid from underneath. The seat perch is raised off the floor a bit and a separate piece that is welded to the floor.
I was told it had been hit in the back a long time ago and as you can see, the repaint did not hold its luster.
It should have all the fluids changed before driving.
Given the alternator situation and rusty rotors, it needs to be trailered to its new home.

She certainly has some needs, but overall, I think it's a great car to invest some sweat into. We are still half-tempted to keep it. It has not been passed around and hacked up. It may sound like there is a lot needed, but I'm just being upfront with what I have found out it needs. I'd like to see someone in the RallyCross community enjoy this car, so I'm offering it up to you guys first. It is not advertised anywhere else. Firm on $1,450. Located in Saline. I'll get more pics soon.
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Re: 1991 Mazda Miata $1,450 - Make me a RallyCrosser!

Post by Camaro67racer » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:57 am

Sold, thanks.

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