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Planning Meeting

Post by GT4CE » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:14 pm

I did want to put out the general discussion of what happened at the planning meeting.

Solo Planning Meeting

1. Losses
a. Bar Code Printer
b. Bar Code Scanner
c. Pro Solo Timing Equipment and Software Update
d. Emphasize the importance of Safety Run, and be more critical of course design for safety
e. Number the coolers for the Corner Stations
f. Create a Novice Handout to cover down and out rule and others
g. More Event Planning
h. Speed up the driver’s meeting
i. Chief sign-up (email blast)

2. Preliminary Schedule (All dates, names and locations are preliminary)
a. April 14 - Regional Solo School, Schoolcraft
b. April 15 – Season Opener, Schoolcraft
c. May 5 – Drive Into Spring, MIS
d. May 28 – Memorial Day, MIS
e. June 9 – Summer Heat, Schoolcraft
f. July 13-15 - After the Fireworks, Oscoda
g. August 17-19 – Before Nationals, Oscoda
h. September 22 – Fall Into Autumn, Schoolcraft
i. October 13 – Season Ender, MIS

3. Steering Committee
a. The steering committee is selected at the willingness of chiefs to volunteer, and the acceptance of the Solo Director
b. The Steering Committee should be leaders within the Solo community

4. Event Chairs
a. Solo School – John Li
b. Season Opener – Greg Valade
c. Drive Into Spring –
d. Memorial Day -
e. Summer Heat -
f. After the Fireworks -
g. Before Nationals -
h. Fall Into Autumn – Frank Putman
i. Season Ender -

5. Chiefs

a. Sanctions
i. Safety Steward
ii. Jr Kart Safety Steward
iii. Waiver Chief

b. Events
i. Registrar
ii. Course Designer
iii. Set-up/Equipment
iv. Registration
v. Tech
vi. Timing and Scoring
vii. Novice
viii. Grid
ix. Worker
x. Sound
xi. Course Chief

6. Training
a. Schedule a training day for chiefs
b. Make training part of Solo School
c. Get Audit Client functional

7. Wins
a. MSR Registration
b. Timing Head Alignment Tubes and Lower Tripods
c. Timing Head stands for long range antennas
d. Policy Updates
a. When site allows, event setup will be done the day before the event.
b. Events will have the equipment setup to do Registration Check in at 7:30.
c. Walk-ups will use an onsite laptop to register for the event online.
d. Morning Registration Check-in will be done using MSR to resolve the syncing issues.
e. Regardless of participation Events should be setup to get 800 runs in, each day minimum.
f. A handicapped port-o-pottie will be available at all Oscoda Events.
g. Better help for novice participants
h. Avoiding DCSCC Conflicts
Jeremiah Mauricio
Solo Director

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Re: Planning Meeting

Post by lputman05 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:18 pm

Thanks for posting the meeting topics.

I think 7h should read: Avoiding DCSCC conflicts.

DRSCCA is a member of the council.
Frank Putman
Region Executive

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