Workers needed for FSAE om May 11 at MIS

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We need your help.   Will you be in town for Mother’s Day this year?

PLEASE join us Saturday May 11 at MIS.

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We need at least 20 SCCA members on Saturday May 11 at MI International Speedway.  We need to staff 10 turn stations with 4 passing zones for student competition for Formula SAE.   Donuts, bagels and lunch are provided.  Also snacks.  At the end of the day you can join us for some comradeship and good food (with beer)!   And you will earn 3 worker points.

This year there is a new longer course for the Saturday endurance competition.   Each team competes with two drivers – 7 laps each with a driver change.   There will be 6-8 cars on course at a time.

Approximately 100 non-SCCA volunteers from the auto industry assist with observation and cone chasing and replacement.   SCCA workers keep the students and volunteers safe. A great time is had by all.


You will be needed at MIS from 7 am until 6 pm followed by dinner – on the way to Detroit.  Experience of any type with racing (road racing, rally, rallycross, solo) qualifies you for this day.

You can sign up via MTM/Motor Sports Reg at Sign In |


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This for legal we’ve also been requested to sign up at the FSAE site:


Sign Up to Volunteer at a Competition


Sign Up to Volunteer at a Competition


PLEASE help us out for the Saturday competition.  We appreciate you.

For more information you can email me at Cindy W <>


Cindy Wisner

SCCA Dynamic Even